installation, 2017-2018
Kunst ist Waffe / §218

collection of books and magazines 2018
Willi Bredel

video, 2018
Pirate Jenny

newspaper, exhibition 2018
Der Rote 1 Mark-Roman

riso print, 2018
The Insurrection Will Not…

video, 2018

video series, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 ongoing
Lied des Schiffsjungen

video, 2018
The Living Image

photo work, newspaper, video, 2016
Ein Schloss Für Berlin

installation, video, 2016
Eine Arbeiterin Wird Schriftstellerin

lecture performance, 2016
Und noch ein Oblisk

performative city walk 2016
Modernisierungsklage II

textile work, 2016
In a dinghy to Turkey

textile work and mural, 2016
Landlord Blues

installation, 2016
Cabaret Cologne

performance, 2016
Mein ist Dein ist…

sculpture in public space, 2016
Wer war Albert Norden?

installation in public space, 2015
Für Albert Norden

mural, 2015

installation, performance, 2015
360.000-Euro -Blick

installation, video installation, 2014
I am the law

textile work, 2014

paper work, 2014
Kuhle Wampe Remix

performance, 2012
Swing Lesson

video, 2013

textile work, 2013
Parade for Carl Crack

installation, 2011
Parade funebre New Orleans

drawings, 2011

video, 2010
herstory:ask yo mama

photo installation, 2011
The Fine Art of Living

installation, dub plate, LP, 2009-2011

video, 2008

photo installation, 2000

drawings, 2000
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Worker

video, 2006
Gaps in Berlin

photo series, audio play, animation, 2003
Vinyl Sound Scape

video installation,t-shirt edition, 1999
heilen und vernichten

photo installation, 2001
a beautiful war dance

animation, 2002

photo installation, animation, video, 2005

magazines, exhibitions, 1992-2004