animation, English,
no subtitles, 4:3, color,
10 min, DVD in loop,

a beautiful wardance, still 2002

a beautiful war dance

‘a beautiful war dance’ is an animation, which reflects the medial representation of the military on the edge between a news aesthetic, commercials and video clips. The soundtrack of this animation consists of a spoken word performance in English from the Berlin Slam-Poet Dagmar Gabler aka secretary and electronic music by Ina Wudtke aka DJ T-INA. Ina Wudtke’s photo series from 1999 called “German Soldiers” has served as the central material out of which a free-floating collage was composed. Mark Washeim, aka blueprint, programmed and animated the work utilizing self-manipulated digital effects.

a beautiful wardance, installation view 2002, Parkhaus, Berlin