Performance May 2016
at Kunibertsviertel
Cologne with:
Doris Frohnapfel,
Evamaria Schaller,
Ina Wudtke

Und noch ein Obelisk, guided performative city tour 2016, Kunibertsviertel, Cologne

Und noch ein Obelisk (And yet another obelisk)

Together with Cologne based artist Doris Frohnapfel, Ina Wudtke developed a series of events and performances with the title „Commons & Cologne“ for the „StadtLabor Art in Public Space“ in Cologne. „Commons & Cologne“ understands the city as a social and public good of all its inhabitants. Real estate firms and the tourist industry turn into profit what the population has put together in numerous, unpaid daily acts that contributed to a positive overall picture of their city. On a walk to seven places in the Kunibert neighborhood the artists showed were public common good is threatened, where and in what way it was lost as well as places where public common good is in the making and what it takes to create these places. For research and text Doris Frohnapfel and Ina Wudtke worked together with Dieter Lesage. The city walk was performed in May 2016, together with performer Evamaria Schaller and about 30 participants.