Molton drape two parts (each 2,40 m long
x 1,50 m wide), pasted up with blue and
silver sequins that build a song text, 2016

Modernisierungsklage II, close up 2016, after the butcher, Berlin


The drapes are pasted up with sequins that build the text of the song “Modernisierungsklage” from Wudtke’s conceptual album “The Fine Art of Living”. The LP talks about how real estate companies evict low income households from their apartments in the city centers of the worlds metropolises. With the slogan “The Fine Art of Living” a real estate company was promoting the sales of upscale apartments in Berlin. With a juridical instrument that in German is called „Modernisierungsklage“ (modernization claim) poor tenants are being replaced by rich tenants, a strategy by real estate owners and companies in order to gain more return of the rent. The so-called „Modernisierungsklage“ is the most common ground of displacement in Berlin.

Modernisierungsklage II, Installation view 2016, after the butcher, Berlin