dubplate/CD/LP, 12 tracks,
English, 32:32 min, 2009-2011

The Fine Art of Living, dubplate / installation view 2010, kjubh, Cologne

The Fine Art of Living

With the slogan Slogan “The Fine Art of Living” a real estate company was promoting luxury upper price scale appartments for sale in Berlin. Here the live in the ”hood” is sold as lifestyle and in the mean time the life of the people in this neighbourhood is destroyd. Ina Wudtke’s dubplate / album The Fine Art of Living is a conceptual audio work with 12 tracks (spoken word, jazz, electro swing, hip hop, break beats) about the exclusion of low income households from the city centers of the worlds metropoles.

Album released on Rudel Records Ina Wudtke aka DJ T-INA Darling, 2011