Installation four parts
(each 1 m long, ca 80 kilo)
In the form of an obelisk
with the inscription
oiled spruce, 2016

MEIN IST DEIN IST…, installation view 2016, Kunibertsviertel, Cologne


The temporary sculpture MEIN IST DEIN IST…. was created for the forecourt of St. Kunibert in Cologne’s Kunibert neighborhood. It reflects the work of art in the age of its public-private financeability. It is a common practice to install sculptures in public space that corporations and companies desire to have close to their often centrally situated head offices. They are financed partly by the companies themselves and partly by public authorities. MEIN IST DEIN IST… refers to the debate around the obelisk of artist Rita McBride that is likewise planned for the Kunibert neighborhood and that was financed by the Sparda-Bank West. As it is frequently the case with ppp-projects the part that is supposed to be financed by the public authorities, in this case the anchoring, threatens to exceed the purchase price of the art work. The form of MEIN IST DEIN IST… is that of an obelisk devided in four parts arranged in a circle on which one can also sit. The inscription on the inner side is „mine is yours is mine“. Because of the circular form the words repeat themselves in a loop.
MEIN IST DEIN IST… is part of Commons & Cologne, curated by Doris Frohnapfel and Ina Wudtke. Commons & Cologne is funded by the „StadtLabor Kunst im öffentlichen Raum“ 2016 and was initiated in collaboration with the „Dezernat Kunst und Kultur“ and the „Kunstbeirat“ in Cologne.

MEIN IST DEIN IST…, during the performative city walk 2016, Kunibertsviertel, Cologne