German partly in English,
color partly black & white
1992 – 2004

Neid Video Show, installation view 1998, Plattform Berlin Biennale 1, Berlin


The art project NEID comes into being through a constantly changing constellation of international authors, performers, musicians and artists. Heiko Wichman, Claudia Reinhardt and Ina Wudtke founded NEID in 1992. Since 1995 Ina Wudtke has carried it forward as single editor. The origins of the project and its name are to be found in Lacan’s discussion and analysis of Freud’s theory of penis envy (NEID, German word for ENVY). NEID considers cultural analysis and research as artistic work.

NEID is a transmedial project. Consequently, magazine production is not the principal purpose. NEID is much more concerned with promoting interdisciplinary dialog and exchange, irrespective of media. Public occasions of many kinds are sought and enlisted which then entails performances, diverse ‘events’, readings, shows and parties. Beside basements, clubs, theatres and record stores NEID has also played Museums, Exhibitions and the like acting as a bridge between the underground and established institutional forms of art and culture.

Since 1992, 10 issues of NEID magazine or ‘appearance’ have come to be with the following topical areas:

NEID #1 – media theory and the Internet
NEID #2 – new school feminism
NEID #3 – primarily music with full page photography from 10 female photographers
NEID #4 – Science fiction stories from outta space.
NEID #5 – Poetry
NEID #6 – contained a broad spectrum of contributions from club culture to gender
NEID #7 – Prostitution/Gender, included a CD with live documentation of NEID events
NEID #8 – appeared as an interactive CD-ROM documenting all areas of activity
NEID #9 – <representin’>, broadly speaking questions of representation and identity
NEID #10 – the jubilee issue in limited hand-printed cover edition dedicated to the intersection of visual and music media

For further detailed information about publications, events, installations and exhibitions (a considerably long detailed list) please contact Ina Wudtke –

The work of NEID has been documented extensively by Heiko Wichman and published free of charge for all at the following web site address:

Neid publications/multiples, installation view 2008, Radialsystem V, Berlin

cover: Neid #1 und Neid # 9