2 LP covers,
1 book,
1 black vinyl cuttings (2, 85 m x 2,01 m),
1 audio work (DE + EN, speaker: Jasmin Eding )

FASIA, installation Hammerschmidt + Gladigau, Erfurt 2023


The work FASIA is dedicated to the singer-songwriter Fasia Jansen (1929-1997). The audio work uncovers traces of the forgotten history of a black Germans and multidirectionally recalls past and present anti-racist struggles. The speaker who brings Fasia to life through her voice is Jasmin Eding. Eding is one of the first generation of black queer women who organized for the rights and visibility of black people in Germany. In the 1980s together with others she was founding ADEFRA (the association Black Women in Germany) .

Installation Hammerschmidt + Gladigau (detail), Erfurt 2023