English, German
soft cover
140 pages
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Contributions by: Ina Wudtke, Robbie Aitken, Jasmin Eding and Anujah Fernando.

Ina Wudtke’s book BLACK STUDIUM. A Tribute to Fasia Jansen, Hilarius Gilges & Joseph Ekwe Bilé uncovers traces of the history of Black people in Germany and multidirectionally recalls past and present anti-racist struggles. The book BLACK STUDIUM documents Wudtke’s audio installation Black Lives Audio Triptych and activates archival material especially photos, songs and texts about Fasia Jansen (1929-1997), a political singer-songwriter from Hamburg, Hilarius Gilges (1909-1933), protagonist of the Agitpropgruppe Nordwest-Ran from Düsseldorf and Joseph Ekwe Bilé (1892-1959) from Douala, who lived in Berlin during the Weimar Republic and was part of the anti-imperialist movement as a communist.