English, German hard cover
159 pages
Motto Books
ISBN 978-2-940672-36-3
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The currently favored image of the Weimar Republic is constructed as a liberal one that emphasizes the individual freedom to shape one’s life. Meanwhile, the collectivist face of the workers’ movement and the artists inspired by it were and are mostly ignored. With Worker Writers / Arbeiterschriftsteller:innen, conceptual artist Ina Wudtke aims to give resistance workers in general, and the worker writer Margarete Steffin in particular, their rightful place in history. This bilingual publication (English & German) documents Ina Wudtke’s artistic work on worker writers, in the Weimar Republic and the GDR.
With contributions by Gerhard Wolf, Nora Sternfeld, Margarete Steffin, Ariane Müller and Dieter Lesage. The book’s graphic design is by image-shift (Berlin).