video installation for 5 monitors,
English, no subtitles,
4:3, color, 4 video files looping:
1. video= 33:14 min.
2. video= 00:46 min.
3. video= 01:52 min.
4. video= 00:46 min.,

vinyl sound scape, installation view 2023, Sprengel Museum, Hannover

vinyl sound scape

‘vinyl sound scape’ is a video installation for five monitors created in cooperation with Inga Svala Thorsdottir. The camera and editing was done by music video producer Philipp Reichenheim aka Philipp Virus. The theme of Ina Wudtke’s and Inga Svala Thorsdottir’s performance is the representation of women in music videos. The soundtrack, by Ina Wudtke aka DJ T-INA, is created for five TV speakers. Every time the video files start in differently as there is no synchron box involved. The combination of the five audio/video tracks comprises the complete soundtrack. During the performance German records, the vinyl as well as the audio information, were recycled. Ina Wudtke aka DJ T-INA made the beat for the soundtrack out of the noises that erupted during the record destruction. For the performance Ina Wudtke designed a t-shirt edition based on an original design by the antifashist female artist Claude Cahun.

vinyl sound scape, video stills