video, English & German, partly English
subtitles, 16:9, color, 9:29 min., 2013

Swing Lesson, Video stills, 2013

Swing Lesson

Ina Wudtke’s video Swing Lesson refers to Adrian Piper’s Funk Lessons. For Swing Lesson Wudtke invited the dancer Sophie Monheim to create a lindy hop choreography for her electronic swing song The Fine Art of Living. At the famous Berlin Ballroom Clärchens Ballhaus Monheim teaches this choreography to the audience. In the electro swing tune The Fine Art of Living, Wudtke is singing about gentrification in Berlin. Black dance becomes a tool for a collective action against gentrification.

Swing Lesson, installation view, HAU 1 Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin