video, English and German mixed,
English subtitles, 16:9, color
13 min., 2010

Parade, video stills, 2010


Ina Wudtke’s video Parade shows her participation as an artist in a parade against aggressive forms of gentrification in Berlin’s Mitte and Prenzlauerberg areas. While as DJ T-INA Darling, she spins a fine selection of diverse music on housing problems, as a singer and MC, Ina Wudtke impersonates a rich man, who buys old houses, kicks out their tenants, in order to turn them into profitable investments by heavy, upscale renovation. The song ‘The Law’, which Ina Wudtke performs together with Quio, is a poetic reflection on the struggle between real estate investors and young creative people, represented by Quio, who get chased from central metropolitan neighborhoods after having contributed substantially to their hipness and thus to their market value. In order to reflect this paradox, Ina Wudtke and her Berlin DJ/MC crew, Femmes with Fatal Breaks, which further includes Christine Lang, participated in the parade performing on a waggon by the imaginary real estate company Diabolo & Garnischts. Of course, all similarities with really existing companies are purely coincidental!

Parade, installation view 2011, Gallery Funke, Berlin

Parade, installation view 2010, Gallery M29, Cologne