photo work, printed in newspaper:
„Arbeitsblätter zum Lebenden Bild“,
39x28cm, 16 pages, rotation print,
run 1000, the newspaper is a collective
work together with Rena Rädle &
Vladan Jeremic´

video 1,25 min. German or English,
16:9, HD, 2016

Das Lebende Bild (Emden, 1930), re-staging 2016, Berlin

DAS LEBENDE BILD (Emden, 1930) / THE LIVING IMAGE (Emden 1930)

In the newspaper “Arbeitsblätter zum lebenden Bild” Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremic´ and Ina Wudtke take up the radicalised praxis of the performance of a “tableau vivant” of the communist movement. Originally the re-enactment of historical scenes were part of the entertainment programme on festive acts of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie. The socialist workers movement took over the living image as the traditional representation for cultural presentation on Lasalle and March celebrations and gave them a political orientation. During the Weimar Republic communist agit prop groups turned the living image into a tool of protest and direct action. Such an action is conveyed in court files about an act at the Lloydhotel in Emden: On January 13, 1930 communist activists interrupted an assembly of the NSDAP by performing a living image on stage in the assembly hall. Ina Wudtke’s photograph and video is based on a re-enactment of the Emden living image.

Arbeitsblätter zum lebenden Bild, Installation view Kunsthaus KuLe 2017, Berlin