50 photos, color
each 15,74 inch x 15,74 inch,
c-prints, 2014

DVD, publication (out of print),
texts English and German,
4:3, black/white,
45 min, DVD, 2003

walk through the city
about one hour long

track, English,
3 min, 2004

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The places depicted here were the locations of public Jewish institutions in Berlin before the Holocaust. This is a very small selection. Ina Wudtke has chosen especially those larger institutions which have had a lasting effect on the cityscape and the spiritual life of the city; schools, hospitals or synagogues. Furthermore, there existed in Berlin thousands of businesses and private organisations which were all destroyed on Kristallnacht, November 9, 1938. On their behalf, Ina Wudtke has chosen to show a few of them.

With the example of Berlin Ina Wudtke wanted to demonstrate how the representative places of a whole community where strategically taken over, occupied anew and erased from the cityscape. This procedure was planned and organised in minute detail and then carried out in every German city between 1933 and 1945. The photographs show what stands on these locations today and who, in each case, now uses these places.

The places Ina Wudtke searched out are scattered throughout Berlin. The order of the pictures corresponds to the location of the buildings as they might occur on the route of a walk. Ina Wudtke has lead such walks in Mitte, the central district of Berlin, in the context of an exhibition of the “Kunstbank” and with students of the Free Waldorf School.

Gaps in Berlin, installation view 2014, Galerie b2, Leipzig

Gaps in Berlin, installation view 2003, Kunstbank, Berlin