paper work, 19 paper rolls
on both sides paste up case files

Entmietung, installation view 2014, xhibit Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


The installation is a testimony to Ina Wudtke’s long juridical struggle to keep her apartment at a low rent in Berlin. The paper sheets are functioning as time storages holding the case files. The names of the participants are sanitized with a black marker. „Entmietung“ represents the many thousand trials that investors and private house owners have been filing over the last few years against low income tenants in Berlin. The main juridical instruments are „modernization“ of former low price rental apartments so that the rent can be doubled or tripled afterwards, or „personal use“ trials where former community apartments are privatized and the new owners claim to need the apartment for themselves. Both instruments are designed to evict low income households. „Entmietungen“, meaning „eviction of low income tenants“, is currently a service offered by companies in Berlin.

Das Neueste Weltgerichtstriptychon Eröffnung 06.03.2014 xhibit der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien