Text: Cabaret Cologne. A Piece for
Three Voices: Dieter Lesage.
Performers: Doris Frohnapfel,
Evamaria Schaller, Ina Wudtke.

Cabaret Cologne, live Performance 2016, Kokett Bar, Cologne

Cabaret Cologne

Together with Cologne based artist Doris Frohnapfel, Ina Wudtke developed a series of events and performances with the title „Commons & Cologne“ for the StadtLabor Art in Public Space in Cologne. The starting point of the series was the etablissement „Kokett“ right behind the Cologne central station. „Kokett“ is Cologne’s oldest night club, established in 1958. „Commons & Cologne“ understands the city as a social and public good of all its inhabitants. Real estate firms and the tourist industry turn into profit what the population has put together in numerous, unpaid daily acts that contributed to a positive overall picture of their city. Once the City of Cologne approved a new, eight stories building project right accross the street from „Kokett“’s, an insurance company can attract mobile capital to be invested in a real estate porfolio. The old buildings of the neighbourhood mostly have only four floors. If one would to teat down „kokett“, this would only follow the ruling logic of profit maximisation as one could (also) make more money out of its plot. Even if today there seem no such plans, „Kokett“ is already potentially among the next victims of this policy. Meanwhile upscale apartments are being built in the neighbourhood with the future employees of the new office block as their potential tenants or owners. These luxury apartments raise the rents in the neighbourhood so that people living there for generations can no longer afford the rent. The text of the performance „Cabaret Cologne. A Piece for Three Voices“ was written by Dieter Lesage. Doris Frohnapfel, Evamaria Schaller and Ina Wudtke performed live at the „Kokett“ for an invited audience..

ECabaret Cologne, live Performance 2016, Kokett Bar, Cologne