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Kassel, June 3-9, 2020

Collectivly organized group exhibition in the frame of the documenta studies seminar “art as protest” at the Kunsthochschule Kassel together with students.
location: Hier im Quartier and public space, Kassel
lecturer: Ina Wudtke

artists and complices:
Franca Brockmann, Lukas Dilling, Thea Dechsler & Nanne Buurman, Sophie Hardenberg, Alyssa Kalkisim-Siebert, Annika Klober, Patrick Köhler, Janina Mross, Martin Müller & Onkel Anko (RCNS Crew), Frederick Pietrzyk, Katharina Rensing, Hannah Röhlsberger, Yasmeen Shirazi & Rike Suhr, Lea Sambale &
Lis Nachtigal, Vera Stolle-Brüers, Ina Wudtke

The DEAUQUMENTHA took place for the first time in Kassel’s Nordstadt from 3 – 9 June 2020. The participating artists were mainly asking questions: Will the earth’s ecosystem be able to withstand capitalism for much longer? Should we still have children in this world? And are electric motors part of the solution or the problem? The inhabitants of Nordstadt could also become active themselves and become part of the exhibition. In Gottschalkstraße and the Westring, large quantities of homemade crayon were made available to turn the asphalt into a talking street and to start a visual dialogue with the passers-by despite the required minimum distance. Also in Gottschalkstraße was a wall with posters that recalled forgotten women, most of whom lived in the Nordstadt. They were resistant personalities in very different ways. At Holländischer Platz the viewers were invited to enter into an inner dialogue with the graffiti in the underpass. And those who were surprised that quite unexpected noises from shop windows of the quarter coming to their ears are right in the middle of the experimental sound collages, which playfully and acoustically represent the protest motif.